Integrated Preparedness & Protection

• Planning for Catastrophes
• Public Health and Safety
• Pre-Disaster National Disaster Recovery Framework
• Warning and Evacuation
• Relocation of Populations
• Vulnerable Populations
• Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness

Applied Mitigation

• Resilience Building
• Community Based Programs
• Training
• Hazard Mitigation Joint Field Office Strategies
• Hazard Mitigation Field Operations and Outcomes
• National Program Goals and Metrics
• Mitigation Strategy Development
• Collaborative Partnership Development
• Cadre Management

Effective Response

• Joint Field Office Functioning
• Emergency Support Functions
• Rapid Assessment
• Action Learning

Sustained Recovery

• Capacity Building and Community Planning
• Long-Term Community Recovery
• Recovery Support Functions
• Individual Assistance Program
• Individual and Social Needs
• National Disaster Recovery Framework
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